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 【 Recolor 】 Krasus【 Black && Blue 】

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PostSubject: 【 Recolor 】 Krasus【 Black && Blue 】   Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:35 am

Kali Krasus Black && Blue
Spoiler for Hiden:
Sorry if theres too much hair. Forgot to take her hair mod off before taking screenies. xD Thats also kind of why theres no back picture... Causes its all hair ._.

    Hey, I'm back with another mod~! (That didn't take long lol). As I promised, a recolor of Kali's Krasus outfit to match the cleric~<3 (whose recolor I have to remake cause I suck at transparenty levels ) This time i even went so far as to take the next step and even make her white! xD Not to be said in a racist way or anything of the sort but I'm actually kind of upset that they didn't have any pale-er skin tones for her. Well, I guess thats what mods are for. Ahahah. I'm not sure if I'll recolor the other classes to match, depends on how much people want it~.  I also made her eyes blue, cause kali looks pretty with blue eyes<3 xD It covers all epic armors and I think green dragon too? Kali's beautiful face covers head03 but can be renamed~

EDIT: With many thanks to aishien23, for fixing majority of the costume problem.<3

Download Costume: 【 Click! 】
Download Head/Face:【 Click! 】

You can find the cleric version here: Cleric Krasus 【 Blue & Black 】
When I was in the middle of working on this, I saw that Skyss had a recolor of their own of the very same outfit except white~.
You can find their recolor here: Kali Krasus Recolour Blue/White
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PostSubject: Re: 【 Recolor 】 Krasus【 Black && Blue 】   Sat Sep 27, 2014 5:00 am

why make a non-white character white tho
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【 Recolor 】 Krasus【 Black && Blue 】

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