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 Basso Romy Bear Weapon

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PostSubject: Basso Romy Bear Weapon   Basso Romy Bear Weapon EmptyThu Jan 30, 2014 7:45 pm

Hey Basso Romy Bear Weapon Cheesy

Was looking around Duowan for some Tink stuff, found this cute set. xD

The weapon ( I apologize for the HUGE pictures x___x ) :

Basso Romy Bear Weapon 2005237n1bw729inqwiw1b

Basso Romy Bear Weapon 200529ko0xglexfktdkl6g

Basso Romy Bear Weapon 200558e7n6gievdo2pnd87

Now, I don't exactly "know" much about the tinker weapons, but I went into the files and found it was this:

Basso Romy Bear Weapon Ac_bubblelauncher_a04_c

Edit: I no longer play tink, so.  Get someone to rename it for you, or do it yourself. ( Not trying to sound mean. D: Lol. I'm bad at rewording things. ;~Wink

Hope you enjoy. :DD

Download: ?9jva3qxvuj6z6oj

Hey there ! Very Happy
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Basso Romy Bear Weapon

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