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 Flower Kabala(Bubble Blaster)

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Flower Kabala(Bubble Blaster) Empty
PostSubject: Flower Kabala(Bubble Blaster)   Flower Kabala(Bubble Blaster) EmptyThu Jan 30, 2014 7:50 pm

So I was very bored with my Cannon at lvl 16 XD and decided to find something that would fit my AC better and found a very cute bubblelauncher that I wanted to fit my cannon D: so I did it lol

Click Image to Download!
Flower Kabala(Bubble Blaster) Weapon01

Since it only works for RARE CANNON LVL 16 right now I will rename it latter to some other lvls. I shall probably release other weapon mods I already made during these months but never released =p

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Hey there ! Very Happy
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Flower Kabala(Bubble Blaster)

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