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 WIP:Oblivion Keyblade Mod

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PostSubject: WIP:Oblivion Keyblade Mod   Thu Jan 30, 2014 7:58 pm

This is a work in progress.

Note: This isn't really intended for the sorceress, but the ancient totem staff was the easiest to find, and i don't have any other easily named weapons on my other 2 characters (because they're not lvl 50).
I see this as more of a mod for maybe a warrior or cleric to replace their sword/flail/wand/mace?

BUT, seeing as it's on my sorc, i thought i'd post it in the sorc section. Note, because of the way the staff is held by the sorc it's kind of upright and weird (and not on the handle because i didnt move the joint), i'm assuming i could change that? But seeing as it'd be weird for a sorc to wear a sword anyway i won't bother. Anyways, when i do release this it'll probably be for warriors/clerics

[url= Nest/DN2013-02-1819-17-27Mon_zpsf811a089.jpg][/url]

[url= Nest/DN2013-02-1819-24-20Mon_zpsb127ba9b.jpg][/url]

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WIP:Oblivion Keyblade Mod

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