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 Blue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan

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Blue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan Empty
PostSubject: Blue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan   Blue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan EmptyThu Jan 30, 2014 8:25 pm

Well people have asked for the blue light chakram mod made by Skyss to cover chakram instead of fan. Here it is

Download Link: download/9wzh29ul4bhdl7c/Resource00-KaBlueLightChakram.pak

Also here is a similar dark weapon version.

Blue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan S1kzyvBlue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan 2ywd1ky

Download Link: download/qatok8krk795jhp/Resource00-KaBlueDarkChakram.pak

Here is the Dark Fan version.

Download Link: download/n635np1p51j01a1/Resource00-KaBlueDarkFan.pak

Note: All above weapons covers the original dark/light wep, lvl 50 nest weps, lvl 60 nest weps, lvl 60 epics weps, and lvl 60 rare weps.

Note2: There will be no effects for the weapons unless you own the same version of the dark/light wep.

All credits to Skyss for making the mod.

Hey there ! Very Happy
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Blue Dark/Light Chakram, Dark Fan

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