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 Korean Weapons

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Korean Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Korean Weapons   Korean Weapons EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 10:03 am

This mod replaces lvl 40 rare mace and shield with the Korean weapons.
Not sure if it's called "Korean" but it said that in the files x_x
Sword: download/flbq0f82i0f9o0p/Resource00-Korean_Sword.pak
[url= mods/Koreansword_zps91960c5d.png]Korean Weapons Koreansword_zps91960c5d[/url]
Shield: download/wsvxunpynnajnmk/Resource00-Korean_Shield.pak
[url= mods/Koreanshield_zpsd74ab17b.png]Korean Weapons Koreanshield_zpsd74ab17b[/url]


Korean armor:

Hey there ! Very Happy
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Korean Weapons

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