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 【 Recolors 】 Cute Scythe 【 4 Colors 】

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PostSubject: 【 Recolors 】 Cute Scythe 【 4 Colors 】   Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:03 am

Tired of the old bright pink parts of that cute little scythe that you have for your (female) cleric? Well, I was.... And it didnt really match the rest of my costume so well. Ahahah. I forget what all it covers, I know for a fact it covers manticore and mino wands... but thats as far as I can remember.

So Far all I have screenshot wise is the black/grey (cause its my favorite xD )
Spoiler for Hiden:

I didn't hide the UI cause I'm sick and to lazy xD

Yeah, the whole thing is suppose to turn black on purpose.... cause I think it looked cool. If you don't like it then simply just delete the emissive file...

I'll trow up some screenies of the other colors too at some point~

Black: ?8482ud49e54yz6o
Light Blue: ?j9p0b49d62j3og9
Purple: ?ucwt57aw3o0m9z5
FunkyPink: ?bsuhio6hs2fuf8l
(no other words to describe the funky pink, its like a pink with a blue/purple shadow and its emissive is well, I'll let you see xD)

Hey there ! Very Happy
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【 Recolors 】 Cute Scythe 【 4 Colors 】

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