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 [Ka] Summer03 All Sets

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PostSubject: [Ka] Summer03 All Sets   [Ka] Summer03 All Sets EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 10:26 am

*Each Set and Each Rarity has the Hair Covering Archbishop Titan(gigant) GreenDragon Twisted Tribe Bound(Prof K) and Deadly Desire (Typhoon) Helmets but you must cover your Original Hair or it will show under your modded Helmet! Hair Downloads Here: Also Normal Rarity for each set will Cover Normal 01, Normal 02, and Normal 03*
[Ka] Summer03 All Sets ZM9Ko5M[Ka] Summer03 All Sets VQwK0sp
Download Links for Blue Set w/ Pink Wig:
GDN: download/g5deu8lwogyojpa/Resource01-ka_summer03_a_GDN.pak
Epic: download/lselz5l2033pyol/Resource01-ka_summer03_a_Epic.pak
Rare: download/im5nq4qik713xxb/Resource01-ka_summer03_a_Rare.pak
Magic: download/gef8oo16cd2dmgo/Resource01-ka_summer03_a_Magic.pak
Normal: download/n4d33q0meotbjbg/Resource01-ka_summer03_a_Normal.pak
[Ka] Summer03 All Sets RIpEX1c[Ka] Summer03 All Sets IjuMFG8
Download Links for Pink Set w/ Blonde Wig:
GDN: download/ctu4z5hd4rbdxkk/Resource01-ka_summer03_b_GDN.pak
Epic: download/r0k85xqccmb149s/Resource01-ka_summer03_b_Epic.pak
Rare: download/xcgn2630ioxxbxm/Resource01-ka_summer03_b_Rare.pak
Magic: download/r2nng255nnk53tw/Resource01-ka_summer03_b_Magic.pak
Normal: download/80gi2cyojxa02hb/Resource01-ka_summer03_b_Normal.pak
[Ka] Summer03 All Sets 3vZ1zln[Ka] Summer03 All Sets NUKkdF3
Download Links for Striped Set w/ Blue Wig:
GDN: download/hab1vocw44qbwdb/Resource01-ka_summer03_c_GDN.pak
Epic: download/xqn0rgru4e34qn1/Resource01-ka_summer03_c_Epic.pak
Rare: download/jor61sxcr7or4t2/Resource01-ka_summer03_c_Rare.pak
Magic: download/le213fns2jggz67/Resource01-ka_summer03_c_Magic.pak
Normal: download/1rv83npii4vd11e/Resource01-ka_summer03_c_Normal.pak
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[Ka] Summer03 All Sets

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