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 Dark Royale [[Kali]]

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PostSubject: Dark Royale [[Kali]]   Dark Royale [[Kali]] EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 10:27 am

Okey Now may i Present To You Our Beloved Dark ROYALTIES....

Psionic Lady
Dark Royale [[Kali]] XXl2WYZ download/po7dg7up5n7swkn/Resource01-ka_Royaleblack.pak
A person which lived on a far place, She had many friend and persons who liked onto her.When at the age of 8 she already discovered he Psionic powers,when the Military discovered it also,the peacefulness of her life ruined by troubles..From There she hate everyone and wanted to kill them,Till,she emerged with the queen

[Dominion Queen]-Sorceress                 [Scourge Empress]-Archer    [Domination King]-Cleric                 [Leader of Morionettes]-Academic          [Coming Soon!!]-Warrior         [Psionic Lady]-Kali

You Want to be a Disciple of the Queen a nd be a DARK ROYALE?,Well Be Ready and face your own Fears and Quickly Download the Files and be the TOP FEATURED USER OF THE MOD just post a picture of the mod (which is either of the above)with a caption and Explanation....GOOD LUCK!
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Dark Royale [[Kali]]

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