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 Kali Armor (Look in to see!)

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Kali Armor (Look in to see!) Empty
PostSubject: Kali Armor (Look in to see!)   Kali Armor (Look in to see!) EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 10:28 am

Been using mods for almost 2(or is it 3?) years~ And ever since Kali came out, mods for her are rather very rare OR very hard to get a hold of (idk how to use duowan)

So this mod is something I managed to get from hours of searching:

Spoiler for Hiden:
Kali Armor (Look in to see!) 28169g7
Kali Armor (Look in to see!) 2w4h44o
Kali Armor (Look in to see!) N32hyu
a Kali mod that makes you look like the Wanderer class from Ragnarok!

I do not claim rights on creating this mod, I just find it timely to post some new mods that I find on this forum for other fellow players Kali Armor (Look in to see!) Smiley

I also took the privilege to rename for magic, rare & epic too ~
On a side note: Please avoid using a Kali whitening skin mod with this mod. It messes up the costume.

And to add it up, I also managed to find a Kali white HEAD mod that may look great with this costume mod!
Already renamed for face 01, 02 and 03 for everyone's convenience~[/color]

DL Links:
Kali white head: ?5la2khcp05ve7hl
Kali wanderer costume: ?sikzpauslrp7g8n

P.S. Mods are not mine. Credits to the original owners.
P.P.S. Added more pics
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Kali Armor (Look in to see!)

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