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PostSubject: Purple Kali   Purple Kali EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 10:29 am

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Hey everyone! Here sharing my mods with you. Actually, the reason why I don't share my mods too often is because all my chars have a mix of costumes and I only mod the costumes, not the armor, so when I make/download a mod I rename it and save it that way so I can easily switch between them and that means I get really lazy when it comes to rename the files again @@ Still, since today I got nothing to do, I decided to start posting what I have for my kali here \o\ so here we go with the first one!

I call it Purple Kali and it's made by 顾从奥 at BBS

The outfit covers epic and the weapon covers... Basically all lvl 50/60 set [fan] weapons UU, rename it to your weapon in case it doesn't covers yours, please D:

Also the wings have already been released here
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Purple Kali

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