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 Kali mix and match ^.^

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PostSubject: Kali mix and match ^.^    Fri Jan 31, 2014 10:30 am

I recently made this mod as a way to say that i'm back from my long hiatus! hope you guys enjoy it took me a while and sorry for all the links for the parts of it v.v Also the charm is invisible, covers most charms, and chakrams and costume itself cover most things some renaming will need to be done but for the most part it works like a charm. ^.^

Here's the Chakrams and Charm
Chakram- download/8bftqi1q20h9dac/Resource00-guardianChakrams.pak

Charm- download/2jhkoua9rfe2txr/Resource00-summerinvisicharm.pak

Here's the Armor stuffs P.S the reason i'm not showing helm is cuz i don't have visible helms for kali yet (low level lol) and i'm not sure if i did the helm right or not so if anything just leave a comment telling me how i did ^.^

Top- download/kj1sc8f3aas93ug/Resource00-summerbody.pak
pants- download/621khrdqx22vrmg/Resource00-summerlegs.pak
gloves- download/u5xipppv3quv0g2/Resource00-summergloves.pak
boots- download/d8t4ddz88t9t8dd/Resource00-summerboots.pak
helm- download/qnmftkdnda1qdeo/Resource00-Summerhelm.pak

Well here you go have fun and enjoy it! ^.^
P.S. Sorry for pics still a newbie at that...
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Kali mix and match ^.^

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