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 Red Kali (MixnMatch)

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Red Kali (MixnMatch) Empty
PostSubject: Red Kali (MixnMatch)   Red Kali (MixnMatch) EmptyFri Jan 31, 2014 10:31 am

Red Kali (MixnMatch) Tumblr_mwogd0vT1R1qc3fa9o1_1280

Here am I again! Red Kali (MixnMatch) Cheesy

The outfit covers epic [helmet inside covers dnsea03 only.]
The weapon covers 60's set fan/charm. Also, the main weapon is made by 阿狸030405 at BBS
Red glow..I don't remember who did this one, but it's in the files below anyway D:
And the hair.. the awesome meloveseph took off the horns for me, and later I also erased the end of the hair to have a fluid animation [as well as a shorter hair XD lunaria's really long lol].. Oh yeah, hair covers Hair 02 only, so rename it yourself Red Kali (MixnMatch) Grin

For tail and wings..I decided not to post these cause they're not really hard to get, go work for it D:

Red glow and hair
Spoiler for Hiden:
Glow | Hair
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Red Kali (MixnMatch)

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