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 Recoloured Feathery Chakram + Focus

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PostSubject: Recoloured Feathery Chakram + Focus   Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:26 pm

Recoloured Feathery Chakram + Focus

Hello dnmodz community,
here is my second recolour! I love the combi of white and blue as you see! 

I hope you like it! And I would be happy about a feedback!

Greetings Skyss

Blue/White Focus

Download: download/0g3q3mp4fva3c6v/Resource01-ka_feather_charm_bw_all.pak

Blue/White Chakram

All Downloads should cover all Weapons. If not, let me know it!

Red/White Version

Spoiler for Hiden:
Red/White Focus

Download: download/umn3a6ulngio834/Resource01-ka_rw_feather_charm.pak

Red/White Chakram

For Chakram ----> download/07g1adslilwvtbs/Resource01-ka_rw_feather_cakram.pak

For Fan ----> download/qpkh0bu6ohtow3p/Resource01-ka_rw_feather_chakram_to_fan.pak

Hey there ! Very Happy
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Recoloured Feathery Chakram + Focus

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